the terrible twos, ipickmynose’s 2nd birthday

Remember that time I pretended I filled out my taxes with my occupation as “Rocker (I rock out)”? Woo. Good times

It’s your 9th most favorite blog’s 2 year anniversary since a post about some record stores. Not a lot of reason for celebration, but if you’ll indulge me on a brief look back, I’d appreciate it.

I didn’t know what I was getting into two years ago. I set out to write the blog I wanted to read. Sometimes I succeed at that; sometimes I don’t and I try to improve.

While 50 states in 50 songs may have received the most hits and attention and the post about MF Doom being a fake at a local show got a lot of comments, I think Train Tracks: a Personal Essay on a Train Trip Across America, a post mixing a train trip journal and train songs, may be my favorite.

My favorite post title was Holy shitballs that’s a beautiful song: Jenda Wight’s Luxury of Time. It was also one of the first times I felt like I was introducing a song that no one else was talking about.

John Vanderslice @ Tiny Telephone

Here are some of my other favorite posts:

There are a few things I’m proud of that aren’t posts per-se:

elvis perkins
Elvis Perkins by ipickmynose

I’ve had all sorts of comments, here. My first comment from someone I didn’t know was an offer to crash at her house for the Pitchfork Fest. But I’ve gotten all sorts. I try not to let the complimentary ones go to my head and I try to learn from the negative and caustic ones. I like the ones that provoke thoughtful discussion and some are just interesting while not really being about the post. Some are probably spam but I leave them because I can’t understand Chinese. Okay, maybe that’s just one comment.

Finally, of course I love when the bands weigh in or when readers find something they like because of my blog.

Anyway, thanks for reading this and my blog in general.

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