wanda jackson at slim’s

On Friday I saw Wanda Jackson (myspace) in my first trip to Slim’s in years. I covered a lot of the background when I previewed the show, so I won’t cover it again here.

The crowd at Slim’s was a bit different from what I imagine it normally is–a mix of ages and a heavy contingent of punk rockabilly girls; tattooed and pierced girls wearing classic 50s-style dresses were well represented in the crowd.

Whenever I see older bands, I’m afraid they’ll have lost their edge and I’ll be watching an easy-listening cover band of the original. I’ve seen enough for this fear to be founded.

My fears were for naught this time. Wanda Jackson had opener Red Meat as her backing band and the band was tight. They played the original parts with style and drive, when required. As for Ms. Jackson, her vocals still had the range they used to–the hard edge at times and the soft tone at others. She even yodeled and yelped.

It was a really great set and I was pretty impressed with the band and Wanda. The crowd ate it up.

More photos of opener Red Meat, who put on a nice set of classic country covers (update and originals in that style), are after the jump.

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  1. Ranchrecs says:

    Awesome, glad you enjoyed the show! Red Meat’s set was actually originals, with some covers thrown in the second half.

  2. adrian says:

    Thanks for the correction, Ranchrecs.

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