and…you’re welcome: pennsylvania dutch stand up comedy (lost vinyl gem)

The other day my friend sent me an email that made my day. It was an mp3 he’d ripped from a 7″ in the collection of his grandfather, who had lived in SE Pennsylvania. It was Pennsylvania Dutch stand up comedy. It was so weird and wonderful that I had a grin for hours.

Here it is. Like I said, you’re welcome.

Prof. (Herman E.) Schnitzel – Schussel Along with Schnitzel (mp3)

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This blog has more about Prof. Schnitzel. Believe it or not, Schussel along with Schnitzel is available for purchase.

2 responses to “and…you’re welcome: pennsylvania dutch stand up comedy (lost vinyl gem)”

  1. Simon says:

    Sounds like he is from Ireland putting on a Austrian accent

  2. Bill says:

    I found the 45 among my parents things while cleaning out their Pa. home. The accent is genuine Pa. Dutch. This record and clips from it were often played on the AM radio by a local Harrisburg DJ when I was living there about 1960. A couple of the jokes were considered a bit edgy at the time – especially for AM daytime radio.

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