SFIFF ’09: D Tour review; Rogue Wave to play after screening May 1

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This year’s San Francisco International Film Festival feature D Tour (official site) covers the struggle of Rogue Wave drummer Pat Spurgeon with a failing kidney. He was born with only one kidney and it failed when he was 25. At the time this film was made this film was made, that one was failing and he needed another replacement.

It’s an interesting tour through that period of Pat’s life and the life of someone in need of a transplant. There’s a fair amount of coverage of the medical side of things–what’s wrong with Pat, what the issues with transplants are, what happens when a kidney fails, etc–and it’s covered in a pretty interesting way.

Pat was dedicated to the band throughout, so there’s actually an entire tour where he performs dialysis on himself in the van, backstage, at rest stops, etc. To give it a bit less of a stigma, the band starts referring to it as the D–“dropping a D”. Hence, the D Tour.

Musically, much of the musical content of the film is from the great Pat Spurgeon benefit concert I went to a couple years back with artists like John Vanderslice, Nada Surf, Ben Gibbard and, of course, Rogue Wave. It was really nice reliving those moments and I’m sure people seeing them for the first time will enjoy them.

If I had once complaint about the film, it’s that it was too long. What’s the last documentary you saw that was 99 minutes long? There’s a reason documentarians keep their films shorter than that… Overall, though, it was both interesting and entertaining.

It’s playing three times during the SFIFF: May 1 at 9pm; May 4 at 3:15pm and May 7 5:15pm, all @ Kabuki Theaters. Rogue Wave will be playing a short acoustic set after the May 1 screening, so I’d try to get in for that one.

Rogue Wave – Everyday (Buddy Holly cover) (mp3) (buy)

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