vintage song obsession: “ricochet” by detachment kit (fall 2004)

“Hey, you’re doing a great show tonight.” I’ve never had such a call on my radio show cause such panic, before or since, even if it was momentary.

One of the easiest ways to get staffing hours at KZSU–required for doing a show–was to review CDs. Overworked and without lots of time, I tended to maximize on efficiency on these, often picking and reviewing EPs, because reviews of any release, no matter the length got the same staffing hours. Sometimes I’d find great stuff in random reviews–Jens Lekman’s first album, for instance–but most of it was decent but forgettable.

When I reviewed Detachment Kit’s As If You Weren’t Cold, I didn’t forget it. One track immediately caught my attention particularly–I played it on my show right away. This was about two in the morning at the time–I was doing the Thursday midnight-3am slot that quarter. I did a mic break and the whole time, the song was still running through my head–the repetitive echoing guitar, the plaintive voice, the way the he goes up instead of down on “b-line this token toward some revenue” (whatever that means). So, thinking no one was listening at such an hour, I cued it up and played it again. I wanted to hear it again.

Then the phone rang. It was another DJ calling to compliment my show. Though he didn’t call me on it, I knew he’d caught me.

Detachment Kit – Ricochet (mp3)

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This remains the only song I’ve played twice in a row on the radio in almost seven years on the air.

I can’t seem to find where you can buy the EP version, but a slightly different version appears on Of This Blood, available from amazon.

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    You can order it from them if you send a message.

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