10 things not to yell between songs at a concert

“You rock!” may be an appropriate thing to yell between songs at an indie rock concert. Here are some things that may not be appropriate to yell:

  1. “If you were on the radio I would not change the station!”
  2. “I am not bored!”
  3. “I liked that last song much better than the one before it”
  4. “I am undecided whether to buy your CD or not!”
  5. “Your instruments seem to be in tune!”
  6. “You guys are OK!”
  7. “Does your band consider Flannery O’Connor an influence on your lyrics because you have a similar Southern Gothic-like narrative voice with twisted characters and an eye toward redemption?!”
  8. “That was almost as good as the version on the CD!”
  9. “Your singing voice has really improved since last time I saw you!”
  10. “Your bassist is not unattractive!”

So what don’t you yell between songs at shows?

8 responses to “10 things not to yell between songs at a concert”

  1. oz says:

    Anything about Skynyrd.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “I appreciate that you guys are not using pre-recorded material in your set!”

  3. gillian says:

    Things I do not yell at concerts:

    “I can’t even tell that this is your first tour!”

    “You are starting to grow on me!”

    “I am here for the next band, but listening to you is better than standing outside!”

    “Your parents must be very proud of you!”

  4. K says:

    “I’m totally friending you guys on MySpace!”

  5. Mr. T says:

    “You can tell I am enjoying your music because my neck is moving ever-so-slightly in and up and down direction.”

    “If I danced at shows, I would consider dancing to your music.”

    “I am enjoying your music in conjunction with dicking around on my iphone.”

  6. kata rokkar says:

    “I am enjoying your music in conjunction with dicking around on my iphone.”

    ^ best one so far.

    “You’re so good I took a picture of you with my iphone.”

    “I was indifferent at first, now I’m okay with you guys.”

    “I can tell your favorite album is Pet Sounds.”

  7. Smansmith says:

    The above are great!! Love that iPhone one too.

    “You’re not as painful as my girlfriend is saying”
    “That cover of a much more established band was almost right on!”
    “I’m PVRing CSI:Miami for this”

  8. Mike says:

    “Play something you know”

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