ipickmynose to end (as we know it) in a month

bo kaap #1
Bo Kaap, Cape Town

You may have suspected something was up when I announced my final radio show. I’ve been sitting on this news for a while and trying to decide when and where to break it. I thought this announcement would be better than it coming with no warning[1].

In a shade over a month I’ll be moving. I’m going to Cape Town, South Africa for an undetermined amount of time. I won’t be continuing this blog in the same capacity during that time. I’ve really enjoyed writing it for the last two-plus years. I’ve gotten to share a lot of music I love through it; I’ve made friends and met cool bands and had the opportunity to try some fulfilling projects.

What form ipickmynose will take after I move, I really can’t say, but I know that I won’t be posting at the current rate (9.4 posts a week, by my count) or anywhere close to it. I’ve done this blog while overseas before, but I think this time I need to spend more time in and be more engaged in the local culture. After an initial break, I may come back to posting a couple times a week or maybe I won’t; I can’t really say. But if you leave me in your RSS reader or check in occasionally, I’m sure I’ll pop in occasionally at the very least.

I look forward to writing a bunch of good posts for you before I go. Thanks for reading and have a good day.

[1] I’d also like to note the influence of one of my all time favorite blogs, Tenderbutton in announcing my demise in advance. And in using citation-style notes in blog posts.

4 responses to “ipickmynose to end (as we know it) in a month”

  1. Arlette says:

    Aw, dang! I do not approve. :P At least you’ve got a hell of a reason for the sabbatical!

  2. Oh hail no! You can’t– oh, Cape Town? That sounds fantastic. You’ll be sorely missed, but not blamed.

  3. Paige says:

    We’ll miss the blog, Adrian, especially the on sale soon posts. You’ve saved my ticket-buying butt more than once. Have a great time in Cape Town!

  4. […] the month is up. I sit here with my bags packed, an empty apartment now across town and a baording pass ready […]

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