3rd annual bay area music bloggers go to a ballgame (live blogging)


Today, a bunch of bay area music bloggers are going to a baseball game for the 3rd year in a row (see the first two).

I’ll be live blogging the game so check back on this page throughout the afternoon for updates.

11:50am At 24th St. BART. 3 minutes till the Fremont train. That’ll get me there.

1:01pm in the seats. They’re doing the starting line up. Chatting it up with the people who are here so far. Good times.

1:12pm Angels get a home run on the fourth pitch, first at bat.

1:47pm just had a ridiculous bbq pork sandwich. We’ve got a good crowd here now. There’s a baseball game happening somewhere but we’re nerding out pretty well.

2:07pm the A’s are really phoning it in here. 7-0 already.

2:26pm we’ve gone hard core into the music nerdery here. Who’s into what bands, what’s wrong with the blogosphere.

2:46pm Wow a couple runs and.it’s a game. This would be a good comeback.

2:54pm and now we’re talking about twitter.

3:03pm Guilty pleasures here: Passion Pit is high among them…. And what you delete from your last.fm library so people people can’t tell you listen to.

3:33pm things have settled down. Not much going on in the game. A’s warming up a pitcher in the bullpen. The prize in the Cracker Jacks is a bit weird and not impressive.

4:10pm Paid attendence of 16500. Pretty sparse attendence here. We finally got some cloud cover. We’ve been baking here up till now. Some talk about blog projects and record labels.

4:25pm bottom of the 9th, 2 outs and 6 runs to make up. Not looking good. Oh Cust just hit a home run so only 5 runs to go. All of us transplants are talking about adopting local teams and how you pick your team in a two team market.

4:30 and the game’s over. A’s lose.

Update: In the end, we had representatives from ipickmynose, Hello Vegetables, Kata Rokkar, Stranger Dance, the Deli SF, New and Used Records, the OCMD, Tough Customer, SFist, Monosyllabic, Ears of the Beholder and Loud Farm. (I think that’s everyone.) Good times indeed.

4 responses to “3rd annual bay area music bloggers go to a ballgame (live blogging)”

  1. kata says:

    good times :)

  2. Moses says:

    Thanks again for organizing, Adrian. Great success!

  3. Yeah — super fun and good people. (I didn’t exactly want it to get out that I was talking about Twitter, but I guess those are the chances you take when you hang out with bloggers.)

  4. Ethan says:

    The nachos were delicious!

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