bay bridged benefit show (or, the whale; french miami) and dorkfest (heavenly states, french miami, railcars) this week

Or, the Whale @ Cafe du Nord during Noise Pop 2008

This week there are a couple cool events with lots of good local bands.

Friday hols Regional Bias, the Bay Bridged’s benefit show, in store for us. Two bands that I always enjoy live are playing: French Miami and Or, the Whale. I’ve seen both of these bands in recent weeks (and many times in the past) and they both put on excellent shows. John Vanderslice is also DJing. Tickets are $15-$30 if you buy now, or $20-$30 at the show.

(Incidentally, Or, the Whale have a new album coming out in September and they have three of the new songs streaming on their myspace page. Also this video/ mp3 session by Luxury Wafers is worth checking out. )

Or, the Whale – Prayer for the Road (live) (mp3, Luxury Wafer session)

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7/31 French Miami; Or, the Whale @ Verdi Club, 7:30pm, $15-$30, 21+

french miami
French Miami @ SxSW

On Saturday you can go to Dork Fest at Cafe du Nord. Though I thoroughly disagree with the premise of the event (“Looking out across the cultural landscape of San Francisco there appears a disheartening absence.”) I still think it’ll be a good show. French Miami are also performing at this show, along with the Heavenly States and Railcars who I’ve been meaning to see–I’m intrigued by their experimental rock.

8/1 the Heavenly States, French Miami, Railcars @ Cafe du Nord, 7:30pm, $12, 21+

9 responses to “bay bridged benefit show (or, the whale; french miami) and dorkfest (heavenly states, french miami, railcars) this week”

  1. Paul says:

    If you read any of the dorkfest interviews over at the deli, you will see that most SF bands agree with this statement.

  2. adrian says:

    Well, when the organizers of Dorkfest are in two of the bands that are playing Dorkfest, naturally they’d agree. Most of the bloggers and bands I’ve talked to don’t agree with that statement at all.

  3. Paul says:

    I have read the interviews and everyone complains about the lack of venues/lack of support of fans in the bay area. I agree there are a lot of good bands. It can always improve, i guess is what i’m trying to say.

  4. Christian says:

    I have to support Adrian 100% here – out of the few hundred bands we have worked with in the Bay Area that Dorkfest statement appears to be completely wrong. Those interviews have been incredibly disheartening to read especially when there are so many blogs, organizations, and people taking the time to promote and support the community as a whole both locally and nationally. Maybe there aren’t enough people doing this – but this is an open community always looking for more help.

  5. josh says:

    well, disheartening is what you get when you look at sf scene (or lack of) If you compare sf to any other large city, well, it sucks… It’s not because of the bands, at all, it’s because of the fans and blogs that refuse to cover things they don’t personally like. I think it’s funny and very San Francisco to try and be aggressively positive about something for the sake of trying to act like everything’s ok…

  6. Christian says:

    The phrase “it’s because of the fans and the blogs that refuse to cover things they don’t personally like” is quite possibly the most absurd thing I have ever read. It’s ridiculous to think that people should be forced to write about, promote, or go to shows of bands that they don’t enjoy just because it’s there. We are all too busy and too poor for that.

    Perhaps there are more publications with varying tastes than there are here. If that’s the case, then I stick to my previous point: this is an open community always looking for more help to promote as many people as we can.

  7. josh says:

    i think that having a blog should mean you have well rounded writers, I am not saying cover things you dont like.

  8. adrian says:

    Josh, I definitely disagree with that. I’m not saying bloggers should never cover something they don’t like, but without a doubt, they should be true to themselves. That means if they hate something, they should be honest about that. Blogs succeed most not in being news organizations but in having a singular opinion. In fact I just wrote a whole post about that. I think more honest criticism would improve the music scene, but not necessarily in the same way that you’re thinking, Josh.

  9. gerry says:

    Ya know I didn’t see dorkfest as being negative. There is something lacking in sf. If you have ever been to portland or ny you would see there is much less support here. I don’t think they were saying it is terrible, just noticicing there is something weird about the sf scene. Also, it was a great gig!

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