IPMN KZSU: the ipickmynose sessions digital album. free!

Starting with an impromptu invitation to John Vanderslice four years ago, I hosted a string of a dozen and an half bands on KZSU, including some of my favorite local bands. I’ve decided to compile some of my favorite songs from those sessions into a digital album that I’m offering here for free. I’m really excited about this and I hope you enjoy it half as much as I am.

The download includes mp3s of all the songs, the album art as a jpg and a special cut-out version of the album art* as a pdf that you can use to create your own album sleeve if you want to burn album to disc.

IPMN KZSU: the Ipickmynose sessions (zip file, mediafire link)

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Joe Pug – Call It What You Will [recorded 11.20.2008]
  2. The Dodos – Fools [recorded 7.11.2007]
  3. The Ian Fays – Lemon Tree [recorded 5.28.2008]
  4. John Vanderslice – Dear Sarah Shu [recorded 8.25.2005]
  5. The Botticellis – Betrayed [recorded 5.14.2008]
  6. Beatbeat Whisper – Lulu [recorded 6.6.2007]
  7. The Light Footwork – Exit Row [recorded 12.13.2006]
  8. Two Sheds – You [recorded 5.21.2008]
  9. John Vanderslice – Dead Slate Pacific [recorded 7.25.2007]
  10. Geographer – Rushing In, Rushing Out [recorded 4.30.2008]
  11. The Morning Benders – Loose Change [recorded 6.6.2007]
  12. Or, the Whale – Crack a Smile [recorded 2.27.2008]
  13. Toromiro – Last Couple [recorded 2.25.2009]
  14. Winterbirds – Cold Hand Killer [recorded 8.20.2008]

Special thanks to: the bands, of course, for playing great sessions and creating some special music. To Smurph for engineering the sessions. To Andy and Dave for helping get together the album and make it much better than what it was in raw form.

* Astute observers will realize this album sleeve idea is influenced by the One AM Radio’s An Assembly CDr EP, which I recommend you download as well.

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