john vanderslice secret house show (videos, photos)


One may wonder how I’m so lucky. I often wonder the same thing. A great going away party has all your friends, plenty of good conversation, and maybe some beer if you’re into that sort of thing. Add to that an intimate, acoustic performance by one of your favorite musicians and it’s really hard to describe how amazing the outcome is.

John Vanderslice (myspace) did just that for my going away part. He and Jamie Riotto (on upright bass) played about an hour with no mics or amplification whatsoever. The gathered audience, sitting on the floor of my cleared out Mission apartment, was entranced. There was hardly a sound except for thunderous applause and “woos!” after each and every song. Figuring that the effect of having this show in my own apartment and for me had skewed my perspective, I said to a number of people afterwards “that was pretty good, right?” Every single one of them corrected me: “No, that was amazing.”

Thanks, JV, for making it a wonderful evening an unforgettable one. And if you were in the audience, thanks for coming. These videos and photos don’t do it justice, but they’re something I’d like to share here anyway.

Romanian Names from ipickmynose on Vimeo.

White Plains from ipickmynose on Vimeo.

Lucifer Rising, by John Vanderslice from ipickmynose on Vimeo.


I have a signed set list among my prized possessions but unfortunately I don’t have a scan of it handy. I will add it to this page eventually.


JV, by the way, has a new 7″ coming out with “Too Much Time” on it. You can get it from Dead Oceans. They’ve also posted a demo version of the song, which is flippin great:

John Vanderslice – Too Much Time (demo) (mp3)

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12 responses to “john vanderslice secret house show (videos, photos)”

  1. Josh says:

    I am so sick of boring SF bands and musicians. John Vanderslice, Sean Hayes, pretty much anything Adrian writes about… This blog sucks.

  2. adrian says:

    Okay Josh. Thanks for sharing.

    Also I’ve never written about Sean Hayes but John Vanderslice is awesome. Who are your favorite SF bands, Josh?

  3. Josh says:

    Not many, they all seem to move. 60 Watt Kid, Gowns, Railcars, Anderson Congress, Little Teeth and Maus Haus.

    There might be more, not sure, all people seem to write about it boring folk pop.

  4. adrian says:

    I went to Maus Haus’ first show and have written about them many times. I’ve also written about 60 Watt Kid and Railcars and I included Anderson Congress on an ipmn mixtape.

    I like many of the folk offerings, but I’ve definitely covered other stuff. French Miami and Silian Rail are both great and can’t be called folk or folk pop. It would be a stretch to call John Vanderslice folk–he’s pretty directly in the indie pop tradition.

    You seem to have decided, though, that my blog sucks and that’s fine; I didn’t write it for you or anyone else. This is all moot, though, because this blog has been essentially shut down.

  5. Josh says:

    Is that right? I have never seen anything about Maus Haus Railcars or Anderson Congress on this site.

    Dos you have links?

  6. adrian says:

    Yup, I do: Maus Haus is plentiful and Railcars is a little sparse; I kept meaning to put Railcars on a mixtape or doing a live review but I ran out of time. Actually Anderson Congress wasn’t featured–I was thinking of Burbank International, another band that has done stuff with AC a few times.

  7. Josh says:

    OK Well thanks for that. It’s really only Maus Haus then, out if the bands I mentioned.

  8. adrian says:

    That I’ve covered heavily, yes. I’ve also reviewed at least two 60 Watt Kid shows and mentioned them a few more times, but you didn’t ask about them.

    What bands I’ve covered–I’ve covered lots of bands. It’s more important that I’ve been honest and true to myself, which I felt I have. (More on my music blogging philosophy here, but since you read so much of this blog, I’m sure you’ve already seen that.)

  9. Josh says:

    Who are you trying to prove something to?

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