4 excellent african music videos

Ken’s Song – A Traditional Era from David Tree on Vimeo.

First is a video from Zambia. Traditional guitar and vocals with adorable kids and grandmas dancing and singing along. Take note that the (homemade?) guitar has bottle caps attached to give a buzzing quality to the sound. That buzzing timbre is common to African music, but it’s most common in West Africa.

Fool’s Gold
is possibly just another white American group using African idioms in their music, but I have to say they do it really well. I love the track, but not this particular video. Good thing there’s another video of a hot live version at KEXP. I love it when they put the song into overdrive at the end.

Ghanan-American MC m.anifest now lives in Minneapolis. I believe the above video, though, was filmed in his native Accra. Gorgeous visuals and solid rhymes over a laid back beat make for a really enjoyable video.

Tuks aka Tuks Senganga (previously mentioned) is my favorite South African rapper. I’d never seen the above video until today. Sweeping and bleak-but-yet-hopeful views of Johanesburg (or ‘Jozi’) mix well with the amalgamation of compelling English and Setswana vocals make for a great video.

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  1. Ariel Nieto says:

    Great Post!! Tuks Senganga is my favorite South African!!

  2. Thanks for the cool videos! In this interview I talk about African music that inspired me in the Bay Area, and growing up in the 50s: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/nesheba-of-espirite-radio7/id418820863?ign-mpt=uo%253D4. Keep up the good work!

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