song obsession friday! (around leap day)

Song obsessions are those songs that get stuck in your head. This series of posts isn’t about what I or the other panel members think is best, but what our brain latches onto, those ear worms that loop around and around in your head.

Adrian (me):
Geographer – Original Sin (On Airstreaming session) (mp3) (buy original)

Geographer live >> Geographer on record. That’s just a fact. And, personally, I like their stripped versions (find another here) more. I found this video last week and just kept hitting repeat on it. There’s something about it, between the catchy original song, the compelling presentation, and Mike’s vocal acrobatics at the end of the track that does it for me.

Geotic – Riding Thermals (mp3) (download free)

I’ve been slowly moving towards melodic ambient music for a while now – it seems a logical outgrowth of my love for both sad bastard and instrumental music. I saw Geotic open for The One Am Radio and Dntel when they were in town, and liked him immediately (incidentally, I’m not as interested in his “main” identity of Baths, but whatever). I got home late that night, downloaded a lot of his stuff, which he offers for free, and went on a binge of dreamy drone.

This track has become my favorite of his – I think it’s a combination of the simple melodic movement, and the more subtle guitar texture in the background. He tells the story of having had it looped for 4 hours one morning – I find myself wishing that I could set loop in/out points in iTunes, so I could do the same.

Al James – Cloudy Shoes (mp3) (download, pre-order the Jurado version)

Leading up to the new Damien Jurado album “Maraqopa” the Seattle Times did a feature of local Seattle artists covering one of their own. Al James covered the Jurado track ‘Cloudy Shoes’. Since Dolorean has not so slowly been becoming one of my all time favourite bands, in turn covering someone who is already one of my all time favourites found me listening over and over again. Why wouldn’t this one be stuck on repeat? It really is a no brainer for me… it just feels right/normal to listen to this song as it seems eerily natural for me just to play it and without a thought just clicking the back arrow to hear it again. I like to think of it as a tribute to the original but will settle for calling it a “cover” if I must…

Cinematic Orchestra – Build a Home (mp3) (buy)

I saw this video a couple weeks ago and the song really grabbed my attention. I like the sparseness of the piano, strings and vocals, it just works really well.

The Lumineers – Slow It Down (mp3) (download with subscription)

I really can’t wait for their album release in April. Until then, this Daytrotter version will do.

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