song obession friday! (beginning of may)

Song obsessions are those songs that get stuck in your head. This series of posts isn’t about what I or the other panel members think is best, but what our brain latches onto, those ear worms that loop around and around in your head.

Adrian (me):
Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks (mp3) (buy)

I’ve been listening to this whole album of Stars-meet-Iceland group-singing pop on repeat. It’s thoroughly enjoyable. This song sticks out slightly more than the rest.

Wild Light – California On My Mind (mp3) (buy)

I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area, and fell hard for everything about this fantastic anthem of a song the first time I heard it, in all its pop catchiness and life cynicism. Even now, as I write this post, I know that when the 2:31 ends, I will hit “play” again on this track because I can NEVER listen to it just once. Ever.

From that opening count-off on the drums, to where that wheezing harmonica comes in (I feel pretty certain that Springsteen would approve), this is a terrific song. Wild Light is a band I know nothing about except for this song which fell like a gem into my lap when I was looking for fodder for an SF mix; one of the dudes from the band apparently was a schoolmate/roommate of Win Butler from Arcade Fire (thank you Wikipedia). The band is from the other side of the USA, nowhere near San Fran.

In a very longsuffering way, I love how this song is a “fuck you” to the entire Bay Area, and in addition to calling out today, San Francisco, and California in general, one time on the chorus they mix it up and also specify fucking Oakland. Which I think we can all get behind. This song sounds excruciatingly good played loudly on car speakers driving on a highway in California. Or anywhere, really. I just clicked “play” again.


Father John Misty – Son of the Ladies Man (live) (mp3) (buy the album version)

This track has been bouncing around in my head for weeks; I just didn’t think it was fair game to post it before the album had been released. Now that it’s officially out, I feel no such qualms. The irony of me choosing to then link to a youtube video of his Letterman performance is not lost.

Really, this track is just the last in a 3-song arc (O I Long to Feel Your Arms Around Me | Misty’s Nightmares 1 & 2 | Only Son of the Ladies Man) that I’ve really been into – these three songs hooked me, and I then slowly began to enjoy the rest of the album.

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