song obsession Thursday

June 14th, 2012

Song obsessions are those songs that get stuck in your head. This series of posts isn’t about what I or the other panel members think is best, but what our brain latches onto, those ear worms that loop around and around in your head.

Adrian (me):
Damien Jurado – Let Us All In (mp3) (came with per-order, buy the album)
Sigur Ros – Eg Anda (mp3) (buy)

It’s been a few weeks since the last song obsession post and I’ve both of these songs going through my head.

Going into Jurado’s show at the Davis Square Theater in May, I was more or less unaware of this song. As strange as it seems for a man that had heretofore sat in a chair when he played shows, by the end of the this show he was well on the way to having the crowd worked up into an ecstatic mood. He closed with this song and it was like a late night church revival, ending with Jurado down on his knees shout-singing into the microphone. I went home and put the song on repeat.

I really loved the Jonsi+Alex album and the new Sigur Ros album echoes some of the ambient tendencies of that album. I’ve been listening to this entire album on repeat; this song sticks ut slightly more than the rest.

Mode Moderne – Real Goth (mp3) (buy)

It’s literally impossible for me to generate more personal excitement for my new favorite band, Vancouver’s Mode Moderne. It’s like the best of early Clan of Xymox, Depeche Mode and Joy Division rolled into one darkly edible confection. They have this way of turning a phrase with an arched eyebrow while slyly injecting a bit of levity in each song, as if checking in to ensure their audience hasn’t completely gone dark. While I await their new ep in the mail we’ll flip back to a tune from their previous single, which is a bit lighter and more obvious than anything on their first LP (but just as effective).