Update: This blog is on indefinite hold while I live abroad.

My name is Adrian. This is my music blog. I concentrate on indie music soul and oldies, but there’s plenty of music that doesn’t fall within either of those descriptions that I like. I started this in part because I was already writing a bunch about music on my other blog and I saw that there was a gap in what was available as far as music news/ views/ reviews for the Bay Area.

I live in the Mission (after living on the Peninsula for years) and DJ a show called “I once was Canadian” at KZSU out of Stanford. It’s music fairly similar to what I talk about on this blog. Maybe you want to listen sometime? It’s Tuesdays 3-6pm.

Besides this blog, I’ve been blogging about music for years and I’ve been a radio DJ since 2002 and I bought my first indie rock CD in approximately 1996 (I can’t figure out if it was Sebadoh’s Freed Weed or the Coctails’ Peel or the Lounge Ax Relocation and Defense Fund CD). My writing or photos have also appeared at TheBayBridged.com, the Sacramento Bee, Crawdaddy.com and Nylonmag.com.

All writing, photos and graphics on this blog are by Adrian, rights reserved, unless otherwise noted.

Frequently asked questions [that I actually just made up]:

Who took that photo on the top/ header? Who’s in the photo?

I took the photo. Here’s the uncropped version if you want to see that. It’s of Elvis Perkins and his guitarist performing at the Cafe du Nord on March 25, 2007.

Why ipickmynose? Is that named after some song lyric?

I already had the domain for this website. The name isn’t related to any lyric.

How can I contact you? How can I submit my music?

Check out the contact and submissions page.

You keep writing about stuff that’s not in San Francisco. What’s the deal?

This blog covers my musical thoughts whether they be about San Francisco or not. I do feature a number of San Francisco-specific things.

What’s the name of this blog? Are there spaces?

It’s called ipickmynose, one word. That’s what I prefer, at least. The ipickmynose blog is okay if you’re nervous about saying just ‘ipickmynose’. The preferred abbreviation is ipmn.

You took photos of my band at a show. Can we use them?

I don’t give blanket permission to use my photos, but I have let bands use my photos in the past. Contact me if you want to ask about using my photos.

6 responses to “about”

  1. burton says:

    hey adrian,

    I haven’t sent the cd yet, but will get it to you eventually. we began discussing deals with a couple of labels and they’ve requested we not release the material yet– but i still have your address and cell and I’ll stay in touch–


  2. […] got another great review from our 12 Galaxies show last Wednesday! Big thanks to Adrian for coming out to review us. Geographer will be at Stanford’s Radio Station KZSU on Wednesday […]

  3. John says:

    Cool site. Keep up the good work.

    John from RebelNoise.com

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